Pricing Plans for My Nursing Tutor

Under-graduate Assistance

The above plans offer anytime tutoring for any subject/paradigm. Example subjects include health assessment, pharmacology, pathophysiology, medical math, English as a second language, leadership, statistics, methods, and nursing research writing courses

Graduate Assistance

Writing Across the Curriculum (Baccalaureate, Master's & Doctoral Program Students)

Do you need feedback on an important paper?  Our tutors will review your paper, assist with formatting, and provide feedback on grammar, spelling, persuasiveness and clarity. Papers up to 10 pages will be returned within 24 hours after receipt.  Working on your Doctorate?  Our tutors have assisted many professionals to achieve their doctorates in leadership, education, and nursing practice [PhD, EdD & DNP]. Send a chapter or your manuscript!  We provide detailed peer review for review of literature, methods, and analyses of all methodologies. 

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